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2010 Pacific Cup - Sydney 32 "Relentless" second in class
What a great finish!

Skipper Arnold Zippel reports:
We had a good but hard crossing this time. There was a windhole right outside the San Fransisco Gate and it took us an agonizing two days to get to the wind. Once there though it was full on the whole way down to Hawaii.

A steady 20 Knots during the day and then 24/25 at night at points hitting 30. Moonless nights and cloudcover until the last few days made it hard drive at night with no horizon visable. The wind pattern was more of a reach the whole way rather than the usual reach to the trade winds and then downwind sailing.

Since it was 2 dads and 2 daughters (mine 24 and Greg’s 18) we sailed conservatively. As a result we saw little spinnaker time. Mostly poled out Jib-Top away from the forestay, with a daisey staysail. That gave us the right balance to sail especially in the dark.

Once we got the sails the way we liked them we were doing nice 180 to 190 mile days that kept us in front of the rest of our division other than the leader. The boat handled great, plaining away on the waves hitting 13 to 15 knots on the steep ones with reduced sail area.

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