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Started well but still room to improve
Top of the Gulf Regatta - Jason Rowed reports

Copyright © 2012, Guy Nowell

Day 1 -  here in Pattaya Thailand had mixed results for us on GTS43 Walawala 2. With the breeze in for the first windward leeward we had a great start on the weather end and sailed very well up the beat to be 2nd to HI Fi around the mark, just ahead of the GP 42 and also Ker 40.

From here we had a few unforced errors and had to change spinnakers just after the set which had us loosing ground. Clean around the bottom mark and back on the wind, great height and speed to claw our way back towards the Ker 40 and GP42. Around the top mark for the second time and running to the finish, few gybes on the running and a couple more errors had us loosing ground and slipping down the results.

Race 2 was a passage race and the wind was now into 16-18 knots. We started at the boat end again and slowly climbed of the fleet and into a clear lane.

After approx 10 mile beat we rounded just in front of the GP 42 and Ker 40 and appeared to have a nice gap back to the other competitors. A short run for approx 3 miles and then a fetch for another 3 miles before the final run home. Great positive feeling onboard as we are less than a minute behind our two competitors at the last mark.

Beautiful run home with Walawala 2 sitting on 16 knots and hitting 18 knots once or twice. Another mistake on the run cost us valuable time and we slipped down the score sheet to finish 4th.

So day one we finish with a 6th and 4th to be sitting in 4th overall, 2 points from 3rd and 7 points from 1st. Not perfect but it could be a lot worse so we are happy.

Copyright © 2012, Guy Nowell

Day 2, race 3 - With two races scheduled our goal was to reduce our mistakes and let the boat use its speed. After a short delay we started the first wind ward lee ward for the day. Not the best start had us having to work hard to get back into a fair position.

After the first beat and run when then found a nice shift on the left and compressed in on the leaders. We managed to get back to a 5th which was ok as we beat some of the competitors who are ahead of us on points.

Race 4 - Second race for the day had the breeze in to 10-12knots so we had the medium jib on. A good start and first beat had us in good shape. Keeping clean on the run and back to the left on the beat kept us at the front. Minimal mistakes and 2nd place on IRC which was well deserved.

Currently equal 2nd on points so we need to keep clean and keep improving.

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