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Ending not with a bang, but a whimper
Top of the Gulf Regatta - by Jason Rowed and Guy Nowell
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picture © 2012, Guy Nowell

Day 3 -  Race 5 was scheduled as a long passage race down to pattaya around a few islands and back. Wind speed around 8-10 knots.

With a short 1.5mile beat followed by a 10 mile tight reach it was important to have a good beat. We round on the stern of the GP42 and just ahead of the Ker40 which was great.

Sailing at about 120-130 TWA we managed to extend a little on the Ker40 and we felt we were in a good position.

Next leg was a 2 sail reach for approx 5 miles then on the wind up around an island. We were now in 1.5 knots of current against us short tacking up the shore with Ker40.

Round the top of the island and then back to a very tight spinnaker reach for another 5 miles then close hauled up the coast to the finish.

Positive day for Walawala finishing 3rd over the line behind Hi Fi and the GP42. Next was the Ker40 then the Swan42. With mixed fleets results we have been consistent and have been rewarded moving into 3rd overall with two races to go. Very tight on points so anything is possible.

The final day- A major rainstorm immediately to the north of the racing area was pushing out plenty of wind, and the major decision was whether to take full oilies or just a jacket.

It looked pretty ugly, but ugly in terms of boats being thrown around the racecourse often makes for some dramatic pictures. Just as the storm moved away – and took all the breeze with it.... not a breath left behind.

The scheduled start time of 1100hrs came and went, and at 1300hrs: N over H, all go home, and the Top of the Gulf 2012 was all over bar the shouting.

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